French 2 Syllabus

Français 2
Bienvenue à la classe de Mme. Wahl. Je suis très contente que vous soyez ici ! Welcome to Mrs. Wahl’s class ! I am so happy you’re here!
DESCRIPTION (description)
French 2 continues to develop basic concepts in French language and culture including French pronunciation, grammar, and culture. Students will enhance and further develop their use of French a balanced development of all four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The importance of communication and cultural awareness is stressed through a wide variety of activities (group/pair work, video, audio recordings, computer assignments, etc.). This course is designed for students with one year of study of French language.
OBJECTIFS (objectives/goals)
At the completion of this course, students are expected to be able to:
1. Communicate in French orally and in writing about everyday situations in the present and the past such as school, food, time, weather, etc;
2. Comprehend both written and spoken language about everyday situations in the present and the past such as school, food, time, weather, etc;
3. Demonstrate a basic understanding of French spelling, pronunciation, and elementary French grammar;
4. Express knowledge of the francophone world including French geography, history, and daily life;
5. Connect French studies with other subjects studied at Kenston High School and found in the world around them;
6. Illustrate similarities and differences between the French and American cultures.
CHRONOLOGIE (timeline) What we will cover in class.
– Review of French 1
– Passé composé and new grammatical concepts and how to ask questions. (What did you do one time in the past?)
– Reflexive Verbs in the Present and in the past (What you can do for yourself?)
– The imperfect tense and timeframe words to determine when to use it. (What you used to do?)
– Travel Project on a French Province (Putting it all together) How do you say you’re traveling in,to or from a country.
– Future tense (What will you do in the future?)